Migrating from WordPress to Perch CMS

By Kieran Hunter

Im not a big developer, more of a designer but I do love the challenges of developing and believe that learning excatly how your site works form building it yourself is a huge benefit toy our skillset.

Perch is a very lightweight CMS (content management system) simlar to WordPress, but much more simple. This is great if you have a small site and have the time to set it all up.

I will still be using WordPress to develop my clients sites as WordPress is a lot more flexible and more efficient for handling larger sites with more complexity.

My main reason that I want to move my site from WordPress to Perch is that im hooked on making my site the best it can be. In terms of speed and efficiency. As my site is so small and quite simple, its very easy to play around with it's content and move it about.

Oh, and im just really excited about using Perch!

My main aim is to copy my site, almost excactly, over to Perch. I will be messing around and developing with Perch on my local machine, until it is bang on, and im 100% happy with it. Whether I choose to switch out the WordPress site to the Perch one making it live, really depends on how well the Perch version of my site functions. I definitely want it to do all the same things, hopefully more efficiently, cutting out all the bagage, and extra weight WordPress brings.

It's more like an experiment, testing myself and my skills, learning new things, and seeing how much more efficient my site will be.

One way I will do this is by comparing the performance scores that sites like; Google page speed and Pingdom will give me. Comparing the amount of http requests each site has, and how fast it loads.

I will be posting all the results and more updates very soon.

Update: Read about my results and experience

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